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Our group studies all aspects of Julio Claudian iconography in coinage and portraits in the round. All for non-profit and educational use only. Joe Geranio Julio Claudian Iconographic Association

The Sestertius of Gaius Caligula before the Temple of Augustus- Joe Geranio

This is by far my favorite Julio Claudian coin which shows C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PM TR POT/PIETAS SC – Pietas sitting left, pouring from a patera. DIVO AVG SC – Caligula veiled and draped as a priest, sacrificing from … Continue reading

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A Pre-Principate Portrait of Gaius Caligula The La Spezia Head ? Joe Geranio

I believe this portrait represents emperor Gaius Caligula before he asscended to power in 37 A.D. The only known pre-principate portraits of Caligula known are numismatics (coins) from Carthago Nova. There are no accepted pre-principate portraits of Caligula by scholars … Continue reading

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